Worried about dental treatment? We offer sedation!

IV sedation can help you cope with dental treatment

IV sedation can help you cope with dental treatment

You are not the only person who feels really anxious about dental treatment! It’s something we talk to people about all the time. The hardest bit is often just picking up the phone and giving us a call.

I firmly believe that the most important thing is to be kind, a good listener, and be great at getting things really numb! But I know that some people need something extra - and that is sedation.

What is sedation?

It’s a medicine that helps you feel relaxed and makes you feel more comfortable about dental treatment. It goes into an IV line in your arm. You are not asleep but often don’t remember much afterwards.

Sedation also often works well for people who have trouble with gagging.

If you’ve been putting off coming because of fear, please do pick up the phone and give us a ring.

Guide dog puppy!

This week we had a visit from 15 week old Orton who is currently under guide dog training. He will be in training for another 2 years before he is ready to assist someone. Guide dogs are always welcome. We don't usually get puppy cuddles in the surgery but enjoyed having him visit!


What happens when you leave the room....

This is the bit you don't normally see -breaking down and setting up the surgery. After every single patient surfaces are disinfected and dried, instruments cleaned and sterilised, waterlines and suction flushed. It takes Lisa about 10 minutes (we've sped up the video for you!). We often get comments on how clean the surgery is - I think our standards are actually higher than a hospital.



Which toothpaste should I use? We get asked this a lot! Do you know that the ONLY component in toothpaste that has actually been proven to do anything useful against decay is FLUORIDE? All the other stuff is to make it taste nice, make it foam, or make it a pretty colour and nice texture, or just an advertising gimmick. We see a lot of people with major decay who are accidentally using a non fluoride containing paste.

YES to: any Colgate, Macleans, Sensodyne, Oral B, Curaprox.

NO to: Red Seal, Grin, EcoStore, Comvita

Remember an adult dose is a pea size, and just a smear for kids.

Free Dental Day done and dusted!

Yesterday we hosted our first "free dental day" for the NZ Dental Association. It was a pleasure to meet everyone who registered and came along - We met some great people!

We are pleased we were all able to offer our time and services to help those in our wider community.


Free Dental Day at Massey Smiles

We're pleased to be participating in the New Zealand Dental Association free dental days. We will be treating as many people as we can on our day. Anyone with a community services card is eligible. All bookings are made through the Dental Association by ringing 0800 373 376. We are unable to make any bookings ourselves so please do ring them! 

Payment plans are available!

Exciting news -We now have our very own payment plans available for treatment up to $500! We know this is something that will be really popular. We now have several options, all interest free for both big dental jobs and little dental jobs, so If you have been putting off treatment because of worries about the cost please give us a ring.

dental payment plans.png

New team member!

We're thrilled to welcome Carly to the practice as our new receptionist! Carly is super friendly, and a local Massey resident who has two boys at Massey Primary.


We're Back!


Hi everyone! We're back, all refreshed and ready to help you with your toothy needs 😀 

We have decided to have a new promotion for a limited time:

A comprehensive examination, 2 xrays, and standard clean for $149.

Usually this would be $210 so it's a sizeable discount. I'm not in to offering special deals for new people only, so for any existing patients coming in, please just mention this offer and you will get this discount too.

So what is a standard clean I hear you ask? Well, it's what amount of cleaning that the average person without significant gum disease needs. Usually it takes us around 30 minutes to do this so it's not just a quick whip around! If we found you had significant gum disease then you would need more time than this and in this case we'd take the time to discuss what was happening and work out what you'd like to do.

We love seeing your friends and family please feel free to let them know about us.

Holiday hours and a big thank you!

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for your support through our first 6 months.

Friday is our last day before Christmas. We will be reopening on the 15th January. For any dental emergencies please contact Dental on the Shore on 09 414 7733, and they will take good care of you.

Online bookings for Massey Smiles are always available at https://www.massey-smiles.co.nz/book-online/ if you'd like to arrange a time for the New Year.

-Andrea and Andy


Very special offer for one day ONLY

Postcard front only without markings JPEG (1).jpg

Tuesday 14th November we are offering 10 lucky people a FREE comprehensive dental examination including any xrays required.

This is to give you a chance to see what we’re like without any obligation or commitment.

To read more about us and our philosophy please visit https://www.massey-smiles.co.nz/about-us/

Bookings need to be made by phone, mentioning this post, not via the website please. Ph 09 8338182. As there are only 10 spaces it will be first come, first served.


2017 Deaf Expo

It was such a privilege to be a part of the 2017 Deaf Expo.

We felt very welcomed.

Awesome environment!

22664044_10154733816346568_1175663705_o (1).png