At Massey Smiles, we want to make your visits a pleasure, not a chore. How do we do that? For one thing, our fresh , modern clinic has been designed with your comfort and well being in mind. Plus out team is known for making clients smile -yes, we like a laugh, but it's also about making you feel good about your teeth, and restoring your self-confidence. An important part of our quality dental services is our collaboration with you: We'll explain to you exactly what's happening with your teeth, to keep you filly informed every step of the way.

We cover all aspects of modern dental treatment for adults.



Dental Check ups and hygienist services

Any quality dental treatment depends on a comprehensive examination first. An examination is our most popular dental service, and that's because regular dental checkups greatly reduce dental emergencies -and many of our patients find that keeping on top of their oral hygiene saves them money in the long run.

At your dental check up, we will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums, and take x-rays as required. You can choose to have a scale and polish at the same time as your check up if you wish -simply mention this to us when booking (09 833 8182)


Restorative Dentistry

At your dental check up, it might be revealed that you need restorative dentistry. Dental restoration includes fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges and implants. There are various options for tooth restoration, and we will guide you through all of them so that your treatment fulfils its purpose, and also suits your budget.



Cosmetic dentistry that aims to improve teeth and smiles to a level reflecting beauty, harmony and natural symmetry. Really it’s part of general dentistry. This could include fillings, crowns, veneers, implants, or whitening. We like to plan any cosmetic procedures carefully, including a diagnostic wax up and mock up if necessary to make sure that the results fit with your expectations. We love seeing people’s reaction when they see their revamped smile for the first time!


Dental implants

If a tooth can't be saved or restored, a dental implant can be a good alternative -and with proper care and maintenance, a dental implant can last for life. When you visit Massey Smiles for your dental implants in Auckland, we'll begin with a thorough examination to get the full picture of what's happening in your mouth. That included assessing the bone density of your jaw, as that may affect the implant options. If you have lost a tooth or existing crown, we'll be able to provide you with a temporary replacement until we can have a customised dental implant placed for you.


Periodontal treatment for receding gums

Periodontal disease -another word for gum disease - affects many adults, but because it's painless, most people don't realise they have it until it's at an advanced stage. Severe symptoms of periodontal disease include receding gums, loose teeth , gums that are swollen, red or bleed when brushed. You may also notice a bad taste in your mouth or bad breath. The first step in periodontal treatment is a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums to establish the severity of the disease - and you'll then be give tailor-made treatment options based on your needs.



If you feel anxious about dental treatment then sedation could be for you.

We firmly believe that the most important thing is to be kind, a good listener, and be great at getting things really numb, but we know that some people need something extra - and that is sedation. Sedation a medicine that helps you feel relaxed and makes you feel more comfortable about dental treatment. It goes into an IV line in your arm. You are not asleep but often don’t remember much afterwards. Sedation also often works well for people who have trouble with gagging.

If you’ve been putting off coming because of fear, please do pick up the phone and give us a ring.


Teeth whitening

Who doesn't like white teeth?! Having discoloured teeth can really affect your smile and confidence. Massey Smiles offers take home whitening using custom made trays. This is a very effective, cost effective and safe way of whitening your teeth, providing your teeth have been checked by us first.


Toothache Treatment

As your emergency dentist in West Auckland, we will do what we can to treat your sore tooth with urgency. We set aside emergency appointments so should be able to get you in quickly. We recommend that you call us (09 833 8182) and tell us that you're in pain, and we'll do whatever we can to see you as quickly as possible. We can help with all types of toothache treatment, whether it's a chipped tooth, broken crown or filling, broken tooth repair, wisdom teeth removal, or root canal treatment. If you have a regular dentist you'd like to return to, we will send back a copy of your detailed notes and any radiographs taken.



If you just really want a tooth out, that’s no problem. We are very experienced in extractions and aim to make it as pleasant as possible. More information here…


Bad breath treatment

About 1/3 of the population suffers from back breath (known as halitosis), and often tooth brushing and mouthwashes alone don't help. As there are a variety of causes for halitosis, including non-dental ones, so we will conduct an in-depth check up to investigate what's happening in your mouth, so we can recommend a suitable halitosis treatment.

Common halitosis treatments include products to alleviate dry mouths, regular scale and polish treatments to eliminate dental plaque and bacteria, and special cleaning aids, mouthwashes and toothpasts. Bad breath can also often be a result of gum disease, in which case periodontal treatment would be needed.


Yes we are ACC registered and are also able provide WINZ quotes!